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GEN Architects, founded in Shanghai, is a diversified design firm with international vision and local practice. It has rich design experience in various sizes and types of buildings. The project types cover office, commerce, culture and education, rural construction, urban renewal and other fields. We adheres to the core concept of "simplifying the form, and integrating the meaning", maintains the attention to the excavation of culture and urban space in different types of design projects, accumulates rich project experience through the overall vision and the ability to control the design, and provides customers with high-quality design and premium services.

Simplify and integration are two complementary concepts. They are a kind of scheme theory and a kind of values.

To simplify the form is to analyze and summarize complex things from the perspective of methods, sort out clear clues and rules, and finally achieve a concise state.

Our world is always complex. This complexity is a combination of many simple elements, which are independent and interact with each other to form a dynamic balance.