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G – genius

With unique design talent and industry sensitivity, GEN Architects pays attention to urban space, excavates traditional culture, and constantly carries out critical thinking and self innovation, so that architecture is not only a "work", but also a "container" with vitality.

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E – elaborative

Architecture spans science, engineering, culture and art. It is not only the application of engineering technology, but also a complex art expressing society, culture, nationality and religion. GEN Architects, with the ultimate craftsman spirit, carefully planned each space scene at the beginning of the design, implemented the unified design concept, and was committed to presenting perfect architectural works.

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N – network

The architect's ability is not only reflected in the design level, but also in the integration of the supply chain, the control over the realization degree, the sensitivity to the cost, and the control over the whole process of the construction project. GEN Architects integrates various special designs into the overall design, so that the works show no trace of "harmony".